The University of Texas Africa Conference

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UT AFRICA We are inviting scholars to submit papers and panel recommendations for the 2013 Africa Confernce on Social Movements, Religion and Political Expression in Africa. Africa is among the most socially and culturally diverse countinents in the world and has traditionally been and cultural highway of Europe and the Middle East. In addition to thousands of ethnic groups and languages, Africa is also a melting pot of world religion, resulting in emergent faiths and new interpretaions of established religious beliefs and practices.


Toyin Falola Annual International Conference on Africa and the African Diaspora

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The Toyin Falola Annual Conference (TOFAC) aims to bring together a vast array of scholars to dialogue about issues concerning Africa and Africans throughout the world from both historical and contemporary perspectives. The conference, named after Professor Toyin Falola, is held in Africa and welcomes scholars and professionals from various disciplines and geographical locations. The conference provides time and creates the collaborative space necessary for participants to interact, exchange ideas, and receive feedback. Selected papers will also form part of edited book series or be recommended to special issues of relevant journals.


Special Events & Conferences

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Toyin Falola, in collaboration with his graduate students and other scholars, regularly/periodically convenes special events and conferences on relevant and timely topics. These events provide opportunities to further discussions on Africa and the African Diaspora and to highlight and intervene in contemporary politics, policies, and cultural affairs.