Creativity, Culture and Identity in Africa
and the African Diaspora

March 24-27, 2016
University of Texas, Austin

Closely allied to the idea of genius, the discourse of creativity has privileged the individual subject whose Promethean determination, originality, and passion bring into being art, innovation, and excellence. This humanist understanding of creativity still has considerable currency in disciplines such as literature and the arts, psychology, mathematics and the sciences. The discourse of creativity that surfaces within multiple fields reveals that the notion of the individual creator is not simply widespread, but omnipresent; indeed, it is a fundamental ideology of Western culture.

2016conf Challenging the individualist and depoliticized ideology of creativity, the conference calls for papers that present alternative accounts of the social and political dimensions of creativity as they relate to design, invention, technology, work, artistic and cultural production, the body, desire, pedagogy and social change. The conference aims to reach a multidisciplinary academic audience; artists and grassroots activists; the political, journalistic, and information technology communities, and interested members of the general public.

The conference promises to create a provocative space for comparative critical dialogue. The conference invites papers on all aspects of creativity, identity and culture from the artistic to the scientific, to business and the humanistic. Topics and performances included, but are not limited to any of the following:
The creative process in Africa and the African Diaspora; Gender, imagination, and creative space; Histories of creativity and inventions; The politics and business of creativity; Globalized modernity and creativity; and Creativity, identity and culture profile: What is novel and original among Africans and Black people generally?

The deadline for submitting paper proposals is November 30, 2015. Proposals should include a 250-word abstract and title, as well as the author's name, address, telephone number, email address, and institutional affiliation.
Please submit all abstracts to africaconference2016@gmail.com

Conference website: africa conference 2016

Creativity, culture and identity are inter-related.

The conference aims to challenge the individualist and depoliticized ideology of creativity.