Transport Systems in Nigeria

edited by Toyin Falola and S. A. Olanrewaju

Transport Systems in Nigeria

The interdisciplinary nature of transport study is reflected in this book, since its various chapters are contributed by scholars from multiple disciplines—history, geography, economics, urban planning—with an interest in transport. The work covers an overview of transportation in Nigeria's economic and historic settings, and the development of rail, port, air and pipeline transport. Among the themes that emerge from the text are the inadequacy of planning (which cuts across all of the transport systems), the failure of transportation management under a governmentally run program, and the chaos caused by unbridled competition in the para-transit free market.

Nigeria: People, States and Culture before 1800

edited by Toyin Falola and A. Adediran


This book provides access to Nigerian history before 1800. There are fewer traditionally recognized historical documents for this period before many African languages acquired written form. However, some written accounts are available from c. 1000 AD onward when Arabs who came to northern Nigeria either as travelers or traders, as well as from the 15th century onward when Europeans traveled to Nigeria. In addition, the influence of Islam and Western education enabled some Nigerians to read and write, thereby providing us with written sources about local communities.