Africa, Empire and Globalization: Essays in Honor of A.G. Hopkins

Toyin Falola and Emily Browned


Africa, Empire and Globalization is a set of original essays in honor of the distinguished historian, Professor A. G. Hopkins, whose career of over fifty years covers three main areas that are global in reach, but connect to ideas that are generated in such major cities as Lagos and London. The first section covers Africa, with essays on the economic history of Lagos and West Africa, the connections between economic change and imperialism, and the role of Africa in the world economy, including the trans-Saharan, trans-Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean World. In the second section, new topics on imperialism are explored, such as the British expansion to India, the role of trade in the Gambia, and the overall impact of the empire. The current issues around the theme of globalization are developed in the third section in terms of the relevance of the concept, the contributions that historians can make to the subject, the arguments for and against, and its impact on capitalism and democracy.

Gender, Sexuality, & Mothering in Africa

edited by Toyin Falola and Bessie House-Soremekun

gender, sexuality and mothering in Africa

This volume fills an important gap in our understanding of the complex interrelationship between gender, sexuality, and the phenomenon of mothering in African societies. Essays present the social construction of marriage, mothering, and widowhood and discuss the various ways in which marriages were negotiated, the impact of increasing teenage pregnancies and non-formal educational techniques on unwed teenage mothers, the effects of gendered violence on women, as well as the myriad ways in which violence manifests itself in the lives of women as viewed through the prisms of some literary works and dramas.

Yoruba Fiction, Orature, and Culture: Oyekan Owomoyela and African Literature and the Yoruba Experience

edited by Toyin Falola and Adam Paddock


Oyekan Owomoyela, the late Ryan Professor of African literatures at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was a leading scholar in the field of African literature and a foremost authority on Yoruban traditional literary forms in particular. Consisting of 27 scholarly essays covering Owomoyela's work, this festschrift honors his life's work. The collection lays out the multiple tributaries of Owomoyela's ouvre, as well as defines new spectacles and frontiers for Yoruba cultural history, from the ancient past to the present. The contributors are all noted scholars and represent a comprehensive cross-section of the humanities, offering fresh, multi-disciplinary interpretations of the Yoruban cultural experience.

Environment and Economics in Nigeria

edited by Toyin Falola and Adam Paddock

Environment and Economics in Nigeria

This volume gathers contributors across a wide range of disciplines to explore the relationship between the environment, economics, and development in Nigeria from the twentieth century to the present, examining issues such as violence, health, and contemporary concerns about sustainability and conservation. It sheds light not just on the environmental history of Nigeria - a crucial, paradigmatic case in its own right - but also offers insights into these issues as they manifest themselves throughout the developing world.

Beyond Tradition: African Women and Cultural Spaces

edited by Toyin Falola and S. U. Fwatshak

beyond tradition african women cultural spaces

Beyond Tradition: African Women and Cultural Spaces contains twenty-three chapters that mirror the diversities in the lives and experiences of African women both within and outside the continent, in the public sphere and in the home-front. The book departs from earlier works based on its unique conceptualization, scope, and orientation. It is based on a multidisciplinary approach, as authors’ backgrounds range from history, literature, drama, religion, journalism, sociology/anthropology, philosophy, to geography. Old modes of analyzing issues of gender and women in Africa boxed in static and purely traditional frameworks are challenged, while including results of practical research traditions derived from the provision of formal education and advocacy.

Globalization and Sustainable Development in Africa

edited by Bessie House-Soremekun and Toyin Falola

globalization and Sustainability Development in Africa

Few studies of globalization have analyzed its impact on African societies from the viewpoint of sustainable development. This volume answers that need. The essays here contribute to the store of knowledge about globalization in sub-Saharan Africa by documenting the affect of this global force on the continent's growth-economic, political, and cultural. This interdisciplinary collection provides comprehensive analyses-at the international, national, and local levels-of the theoretical issues revolving around the complex process of globalization, while offering detailed examinations of new models of economic development that can be implemented in sub-Saharan Africa to enhance economic growth, self-sufficiency, and sustainable development. Finally, the essays here provide insightful case studies of African countries that already demonstrate creative, indigenous-based models of entrepreneurship and discuss efforts to achieve sustainable development and economic independence at the grassroots level.