Keynote Address


Graduate students relate a few lessons learned under Professor Hopkins' tutelage, Joseph Inikori and Robin Law share memorable Hopkins moments, Dr. Gareth Austin speaks about "A.G. Hopkins and Markets in West African History", and Prof. Hopkins responds with gratitude and wit.

Africa in the Global Context


Chair- Catherine Boone

Carla Klehm- Regional Dynamics and Local Dialectics in the Indian Ocean Trade: An Archaeological Case Study from Botswana

Paul Lovejoy and Yacine Daddi Addoun- Commerce and Credit in Katsina in the Nineteenth Century

Cary F. Fraser- Reframing Freedom and Citizenship in the Black Atlantic: MLK Jr., Ghana's Independence, and the Shifting Terrain of History in the Atlantic World

Tosin Abiodun , presented: Paul Ilesanmi Akanmidu's paper on 'Forced Migration: The Dimension of African Dilemma in the 21st Century World History'

Ryan Groves Presented Chris S. Orngu's paper on 'Globalization, Imperialism and Economic Diplomacy: The African Experience'

Economics and Imperial Expansion


Chair: Gregory Maddox

Robin Law: Economic Factors in the Yoruba Wars of 1877-93

Ralph Austen and James Vaughn: The Territorialization of Empire: Britain's Moves Into India and Tropical Africa

Joseph Inikori: Economic Imperialism in West Africa: Great Britain and Senegambia in the Eighteenth Century

Ray E. Dumett: Anglo-French Commercial Rivalries, African Agency and Imperialism on the Gold Coast/Ivory Coast Frontier, 1880-1904

Globalisation and Decolonisation


Chair- Joseph Inikori

Trevor M. Simmons- The Coming of "Effective Independence": Imperialism, Nationalism,
and the Conquest of Everest in 1953

R. Joseph Parrott- Globalization, Decolonization and Cold War Africa: Competing Universals
in the International Debate Over Portuguese Imperialism, 1960-1969

Jonathan Hunt- The Anti-Imperialism of Globalization: The Case Study of the 1956 Suez

MFon U. Ekpootu - The British Empire and the Policing of Women in Southern Nigeria

Globalisation in the West


Chair- Patrick Manning

David Conrad- Wolf Ladejinsky and American Globalization

Marc-William Palen- American Cosmopolitanism as British Conspiracy: The Controversy of Free Trade in Gilded Age America

Helen Pho- Richard Cobden, the Peace Movement, and Cosmopolitan Nationalism: A Study in Globalization

Robert Whitaker- Policing Globalization: The Imperial Origins of International Police Cooperation

Rethinking the British Empire


Chair: Ralph Austen

Daniel Wold: The Dominions in Imperial Historiography

Sundara Vadlamudi: British Expatriates in India (1946-7): Debates over Constitutional Status

Adam Paddock: Child Labor in Transition: Labor and Imperialism in Nigeria

Richard Roberts: The Unintended Consequences of Europe's Civilizing Mission in Africa

Jason Morgan: Decolonization and South Africa's Empire: Namibia's Role in South Africa's Withdrawal from the British Empire