Keynote Address


"Africa in World Politics: The Dynamics of a Continent's Shrinking Space in a new Global System: The Laurent Gbagbo Metaphor"

African Development, Theory and Practice Panel


Chair: Dr. Michael Sharp

Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Practice Eastern Africa



Chair: Dr. Shadrack W. Nasong'o; Rhodes College; The Global Context and the Changing Face of American Diplomacy towards Kenya: The 'Red' Ambassador vs. the 'Rogue' Ambassador

Dr. Céline A. Jacquemin; St. Mary's University; French Foreign Policy in Rwanda: Language, Personal Networks, and Changing Contexts

Dr. Hannington Ochwada; Missouri State University; Insecurity in the Troubled Seas: The US and Kenya Face Terrorism in Eastern Africa

Emerging Partnerships India, Brazil, China, and Japan


Chair: Dr. Okpeh O. Okpeh

Dr. Felix Kiruthu and Francis Muchoki; Kenyatta University; The New Scramble for Africa? Indo-Kenyan Economic Relations, 1980-2010

Catherine Jimbo Odari; Miami University; The Third Scramble for Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Chinese, Indian, and Brazilian Relations in Africa

International Terrorism


Chair: Dr. Okpeh O. Okpeh

Cadet Kayla Khan; United States Military Academy, West Point; Lothar von Trotha's Counterinsurgency: An Interpretation of the Herero Genocide through International Perceptions of Terrorism in 1904

Aaron Linderman; Texas A&M University; Afrikaner Influence on the IRA and SOE

Cadet Sean G. Plotner; United States Military Academy West Point; Sources for Success: Comparison of the King's African Rifles' in World War II and the Mau Mau Rebellion

African Economic Linkages with the Global Economy



Chair: Hetty ter Haar

Dr. Roshen Hendrickson; College of Staten Island (CUNY); The Impact of Global Structural Change on African Governance of Foreign Direct Investment

Prof. June McLaughlin; Queen Mary, University of London; The Politics of African Stock Exchanges

Prof. Rhonda M. Gonzales; University of Texas, San Antonio; Beyond the Swahili: Azania Coastal Economies and Communities c. 300 BCE to 300 CE

Dr. Mike Odey; Benue State University; Perspectives and Contradictions Regarding Africa Nations as Developing or as Third World Nations

Cold War



Chair: Charles Thomas

Sati Fwatshak; University of Jos; The Cold War and the Emergence of Economic Divergencies: Africa and Asia Compared

Leslie James; London School of Economics and Political Science; 'Playing the Russian Game': the writing of George Padmore and the labeling of African resistance as Soviet Propaganda

Dr. Cranston S. Knight; Independent Researcher; Cuba and South Africa: Regionalism and Internationalism, Ideology and Conflict, in Southern Africa during the Cold War

Aurélien Poilbout; Research Center of the French Air Force; Sub-Saharan Africa, a key issue for France in Cold War

Political Language, Activism, and Propaganda in Politics


Chair: Dr. Céline A. Jacquemin

Blake Whitaker; Texas A&M University; Fear and Money!: The Strategic Propaganda conflict during the Zimbabwean War for Liberation

Dr. Ann Albuyeh; University of Puerto Rico; Ensuring that Africa's Voice is Heard in International Forums in the Future: The Language Issues Involved

Dr. Temitope Abiodun Balogun; Osun State University; The Language of Nigerian Women in Politics: An Ideological Reconstruction

Dr. Affiong Effiom; University of Texas at Austin; Performing British Violence in the Nigerian Midwest: Ahmed Yerima's Trials of Oba Ovonramwen and the "Narratives" of History

Politics of Land



Chair: Dr. Catherine Boone

Prof. Emmanuel M. Mbah; City University of New York, College of Staten Island; Globalization and Rural Land Conflict in North-West Cameroon

Alexandra Sowash; University of Texas at Austin; The Political Effects of China's Acquisition of Agricultural Land in Tanzania and Mozambique

Dr. Christine Saidi; Kutztown Pennsylvania State University; Neo-Apartheid in Modern Zambi

Socio Economic Development



Chair: Dr. Ann Albuyeh

E.A. Ayuk; Clayton State University; Africa's External Debt Burden and HIPC Initiative, Is this a Panacea for Developing Countries? Lessons from Cameroon and Côte d'Ivoire

Mark Manry; Rochester College; Africanizing Development: Transition and Transformation in Jinja, Uganda 1948-1969

Prof. Marcus Filippello; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Cementing National Identities in Dahomey and Benin: Understanding Development

Workshop The Oral and Written Presentation of Your Paper


Panelists: Kristina Maki, and Hetty ter Haar

Regionalism and Regional Organizations



Chair: Dr. Matthew Heaton

Dr. Okpeh O. Okpeh; Benue State University; Globalization and Regional Impulses from the Global South: A Comparative Study of ECOWAS and ASEAN

Mrs. Kevwe Mary Omoragbon; University of Ibadan; The Legality of ECOWAS Intervention in Peace Support in Terms of the UN Charter

Prof. Kathleen R. Smythe; Xavier University; Failed State or Political Inspiration?

Dr. Wilhelmina Donkoh; Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology; Nationality and the Pan African State